Today, the biggest threat to your savings isn’t market risk, it’s your own government.

We have seen, for example, the seizure of funds in bank accounts by local governments, failure of banks in several countries as well as a one-off wealth tax.

The Governments of the world are struggling fiscally. They may need your assets to make themselves solvent.

In terms of security and taxation, moving money away from your home country is an effective way to protect your wealth.

Vehicles such as a private limited company, or an offshore company, trusts or a pension QROPS, increase security and limit taxation.

The right structure in the right location allows you and your business to achieve more.

Jurisdictions that are highly regulated, tax-efficient, politically & financially stable with investor protection is a priority.

Our Financial Strategists will help you select the right jurisdiction and structure after establishing your personal and business objectives.

Plan to protect and grow your wealth.