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India is one of the fastest-growing economies and is projected to have the second biggest by 2028. It also has positive demographics with its youthful, educated, and growing workforce that should help support its economic growth. 

India’s longstanding parliamentary democracy and liberal economic policies make it a safer destination than many other emerging markets. The opportunities in India are unlimited be it for individuals looking to invest or for businesses looking to expand.

India Desk International provides you with access to India through our remote assistance and representation services which enables our clients worldwide, to achieve even more in India which include the following:

Business planning • Market entry • Company incorporation • Directorship services • Charities • Investments • Cross-cultural training • Personal objectives

No one client is the same and your bridge to India starts by gaining valuable inputs from our Cross-border Consultant Anna Pinilla who is a specialist in Indian business, culture and traditions.

From her base in Madrid, she is ideally positioned to help our clients achieve more and is available to discuss and present her unique understanding of India. Her outstanding credentials and experiences are listed below which has helped our clients to find success with their objectives.

We’ll help you get there

The rules and procedures in India are complex, daunting and incredibly difficult to navigate through. It is, therefore, imperative to have someone who speaks your language clearly in terms of what is needed with the service standards you expect. It is notoriously difficult to deal directly with service providers in India.

We can help by managing your objectives via our team and associates. We then manage all of the arrangements to successful conclusions by leveraging our professionalism and experience. Rules and regulations are constantly changing in India and our team, who possess a broad range of experiences is well-positioned to answer your queries.


Wherever you may be based, talk to Anna first and see how she can help with your objectives. The India Desk International provides a hands-on approach and acts as your local, on-the-ground support partner in India with our advisers & associates.

Anna’s record:

Academic background

  • Master in Communication & Journalism, Basque Country University
  • Degree in Sociology & Science Politics, Basque Country University
  • Doctorate Course in Oriental Philosophy, UNED
  • Heritage of Western & Oriental Civilizations, UNED
  • Hinduism, Harvard University
  • Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga & Literature, Oxford University
  • Graduate in Sanskrit, University of Murcia

Professional background

  • Communication Consultant for the first global communication group Burson
  • Marsteller & image media corporation, Spain
  • Integral Communication Consultant, creation of sales campaigns & management
  • Implementation of strategies for different audiences: mass media, consumers & administration
  • Director, a cultural project in India for Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Research project management on gender & human rights in India
  • Integral project management, research and filming in India
  • Development of awareness programs with sociocultural entities& educational centres in Spain
  • Director of Sandalwood, the international prized documentary
  • “Dance in Freedom” on Devadasi Tradition in India
  • Broadcasted on major international television channels in Spain & South America
  • International tour with Institute Cervantes
  • Teacher at private professional schools & institutions in Spain teaching cross-border sales, communication & marketing, wellness & anti-stress tools for business
  • Numerous further teachings, lectures & papers
  • Seminars on corporate communication
  • Seminar for “Ancient customs of India” including debate, lectures & papers Devadasi tradition in India
  • Notes on the symbolism & teachings of Yoga
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