Overseas property purchase

Dream, plan & enjoy

We serve the property requirement needs of both individuals and businesses and work independently for you rather than representing anyone else.

Atwal Financial advises on overseas property purchase for residential, commercial and investment purposes.

Since 2008 we have successfully delivered services to clients worldwide.

Why are we different?

Being fee-based means we offer the widest range of plans, products & services, ensuring we deliver the best available solution. Should we receive payment for any transaction we arrange, we will offset this against any chargeable fees.

As a result, our comprehensive approach allows us to prioritise our client's interests.

Your objectives

Understanding and meeting the needs of our clients is of the utmost importance and drives the work we do.

We will advise and offer solutions after we have assessed your needs and understood your objectives.

If the recommendations we make requires any chargeable work, we will inform you of this first before you/we decide to proceed any further.

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American industrialist, one of the richest Americans in history.