Overseas property investment

Dream, plan & enjoy

We serve the property requirement needs of both individuals and businesses and work independently for you rather than representing anyone else.

We offer a bespoke property service that is tailored to your international needs. We also specialize in sourcing property investments mainly in the United Kingdom with an emphasis on greater London.

Fee basis

We choose to operate on a fee basis and should we receive a commission from any third party in relation to the transaction arranged for you, we will offset the amount received against any fee's due.

This ensures that we place our client's interest first and are free to recommend the best possible solution available even if that means that we do not receive any commission payable to us.

Your objectives

Understanding and meeting the needs of our clients is what drives the work we do.

We will advise and offer solutions for you only after we have assessed your needs and understood your objectives.

If the recommendations we make requires any chargeable work, we will inform you of this first before you/we decide to proceed any further.

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American industrialist who was one of the richest Americans in history.