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For Indian doctors living in the UK, the pension fund accumulated is a major obstacle due to the stringent taxation laws especially on retirement assets because doctors are eventually left with very little pension fund in their hand. The main problem starts when doctors desire to leave the UK and return to India. To withdraw their pension fund, the doctors has to pay high tax. With such high tax rate, doctors find it difficult to withdraw their pension fund. With very limited investment choices available the whole scenarios posed a great problem for doctors till a few years ago. Then UK came out with the concept of QROPS.

When doctors transfer their pension funds to a registered QROPS, then the biggest relaxation they received is in taxation laws that give more money in their hands. Besides, there are various investment options also available that helps in growing the fund. There are other benefits too that makes QROPS an attractive proposition for doctors. With some reliable and trustworthy QROPS advisers available, doctors can find some lucrative asset management options that will allow their pension fund to grow.

For QROPS portfolios, the performance of the asset is dictated by the investment managers that are selected to manage the doctor’s pension amount. The advisers will appoint a discretionary portfolio manager to independently manage a portfolio exactly as per the needs of the doctors. The professional portfolio manager using his judgment of the investment environment will allocate investors’ money between global equities, bonds and cash with the objective to provide consistent investment growth.

Another asset management option suggested by the advisers is to follow a model portfolio that is precisely designed as per client’s objectives like risk-return attitude and range usually from a defensive, balanced and aggressive position. Moreover, the model portfolio can also be adjusted to cater the investor’s ongoing needs. The Indian doctors are provided with investment choices through an extensive range of top performing funds from leading fund houses. The advisers will provide information from a variety of fund management groups and even assist the doctors to find the best option that meets their objectives.

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4 years ago

You can opt for QROPS if you have accumulated a pension fund in the UK and wish to transfer the same to India, in a retirement product registered as QROPS with HMRC.

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3 years ago

please do email Ranjit at .. he is based in Delhi and is an expert in this topic