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Our business solutions provide a cross-border bridge to India, helping clients to connect with students, customers, partners, distributors & talent.

The UK remains a significant FDI investor in India and India remains a significant FDI investor in the UK. Our “Doing Business in India” report reinforces the increasing importance of bilateral economic flows between our two nations. There is much to be positive about and Atwal Financial looks forward in supporting the efforts of both governments and businesses from both our nations to achieve our potential through constructive dialogue and support. 

The UK is well placed to collaborate and partner with India across numerous sectors, from advanced manufacturing to healthcare and higher education, with the UK’s technological proficiencies a key advantage to the trade and investment relationship. 

India has made great progress in its economic development in recent years, supported by a Government that believes in the power of business. It is widely agreed that India is already establishing itself as an important global player, both economically and geopolitically, and that that journey is moving forward. In the next decade, India is forecast to become the largest country by population and the third largest economy in the world. Understandably, businesses want to be a part of that growth journey. 

For UK companies and higher education institutions this positive trend presents a welcome development, expanding the scope for UK-India collaboration, trade and investment. Simultaneously, this presents an encouraging outlook and constructive feedback for the Indian government and domestic businesses who have actively worked to improve the country’s business environment. 

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