"Ranjit helped and advised me with 2 UK pension transfers to India. His experience and proactiveness helped me navigate through a few tricky situations avoiding delays and was able to achieve great transfer timelines. He is focused on achieving the best for the client. His relationships with Indian funds and the fact that he is a licensed practitioner is a bonus that cuts through a lot of red tape. I can be contacted for references if needed. I can recommend Ranjit unequivocally."

Mr Agarwal (full details available for reference purposes)
Former UK Energy Industry Professional, Kanpur, India, July 2024

Yash Roongta

Yash Roongta, CFA, FRM
Founder @ALT Investor, Mumbai, June 2024

Akshara Roongta

Akshara Roongta
Strategy at Kotak Life Insurance, Mumbai, June 2024

"I contacted my pension trustee to find out if there are any advisers in India that I could appoint to manage my UK Pension in Malta and I was recommended Sapna of Atwal Financial which then led me to work with her colleague, Ranjit Atwal. He travelled to Bangalore to meet with me in person and his commitment was clear to see. He has been professional, patient and supportive while dealing with my financial planning and has shown a high level of detail and I have no hesitation in recommending Ranjit of Atwal Financial."

Khushroo Rustumji, Bangalore India
Former Chairman, Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd. (both BSE listed companies), May 2024

"I would like to thank Ranjit for his work in analysing my UK pension and providing me with all valid options resulting in me transferring my UK pension to avoid significant fees which were eroding the value of my pension pot. Momentum Pensions certainly dragged their feet and after many months, Ranjit continued to the end to get it done. I have no hesitation in recommending Ranjit to anyone who has a UK pension. I can be contacted if I need to emphasise my recommendation of Ranjit’s services"

Divya Kakkar, Gurugram India
Nutritionist & Dietician, May 2024

"I can vouch for Ranjit’s persistent professionalism in getting my UK pension transferred to India. It is not an easy process and it took about 6 months to complete. However, if it was not for Ranjit’s ability and experience in managing and handling the entire process, I would not have achieved the better outcome I have today in terms of pension income (higher amount) and overall benefits. I am more than happy to recommend Ranjit who visited me personally in Gurugram / New Delhi to guide me through what needed to be done, I can be contacted for reference purposes, you can ask for my contact number so I can share my experience with anyone looking for UK pension advice."

Dr Atul Prakash, Gurugram India
Senior Consultant Joint Replacement & Reconstructive Surgery, Tata Group, January 2024

"I have worked with Atwal Financial since 2008 when I was resident of Tokyo. They helped me to organise my financial planning and have since then continued to manage my savings and investments. I am happy to write this testimonial and now as a resident of the UK, I have always received regular udpates and Ranjit has helped with my UK tax planning as well. Their commitment to client servicing and being there consistently to answer questions, means I am very happy to vouch for them as a point of reference for their continued support 24x7."

Anthony Sandy Grell, Previoulsy Hanwa Co, Metals Trader, Tokyo
Business Advisor at the Department for Business & Trade (UK Government), May 2023

"I used Ranjit’s services for transferring my UK BBC pension fund to India under QROPS and found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable. He was upfront about everything, and knows how the rather complicated and quite often frustrating system works. I didn’t have to chase him, in fact, it was the other way round. I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Suhail Haleem, New Delhi, Assistant Editor,
BBC World India, December 2022

"Mr. Ranjit Atwal has provided excellent professional advice and sterling service during much of the year, and has resolved difficulties that I had thought insurmountable. He has been unfailingly courteous, patient, trustworthy and effective when dealing with my financial requirements and the relevant parties in India and abroad. I am glad to have this opportunity to recommend Ranjit’s services unreservedly. I have met no better problem-solver who works very hard in his clients’ interests. With his advice, he provided the best outcome for my overseas pension with a higher annuity or income for life here in India."

Lawrence Fray, Gurugram India,
CEO Schools Consultancy, November 2022

"I contacted Ranjit Atwal seeking help with transfer of my Pension Entitlement under QROPS to India. Having understood my circumstances and requirements, Ranjit managed the entire process seamlessly. He acted on my behalf, arranged all documents required by the UK pension fund and completed the transfer successfully. This included identifying a very good advisor in the UK, as required by HMRC and FCA. I realise it’s a complex process which but for Mr. Atwal’s perseverance and constant focused follow up and effort would not have been possible. He was a classic example of a person with focus, attention and aggressiveness, when needed. After discussing various options with Ranjit, it was decided that transferring to an immediate life annuity in India would almost triple my monthly income compared to leaving it in the UK. Also, the life protection element for my family is now greater than leaving it with UK scheme. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for anyone looking for help with a UK pension assessment or transfer. He’s extremely affable and professional in his service and singleminded in making the client comfortable all through the process."

Mahesh (full details available for reference purposes)
Former private wealth banker BNP London, Gurugram, India, August 2022

"I have known Ranjit Atwal as a financial advisor for long while I was in Japan. He remains in touch with me with his offerings and advises even after I moved to Singapore 5yrs back. He is a true professional, which makes him client focused. Ranjit is diligent in his regular follow-ups and continues to provide services on my old accounts."

Viswa Ghosh
APAC Permanent Control Coordinator, BNP Paribas (Singapore)
April 2022

"I have known and used Ranjit Atwal as a financial advisor for almost 20 years. I have found his services to be professional, efficient and reliable across a number of product areas including life assurance as well as saving for retirement. Ranjit is diligent to do regular follow-ups with me to check if I have new needs or changing circumstances. I continue to use Atwal Financial Services today as one of my key methods to receive financial guidance."

James Marsden
Managing Director, Broadridge (Japan)
February 2022

"It is with great pleasure that we endorse Atwal Financial for all the work they have done in connection with the incorporation and compliance of our new company Kanadoo LLP in India. As I am based in Spain it was important we partnered with a service provider that has a clear line of communication with client servicing standards that we expect. We look forward to our agreed on-going partnership."

Sandra Ghelmi
Partner, Kanadoo LLP (India)
December 2020

"Ranjit has asisted me with my finances for many years, initially helping me extricate myself from a previously purchased plan that had proven highly disadvantageous. He set everything up to be as simple as possible to manage, and he was attentive to my accounts whenever conditions warranted. On top of being a good advisor, he is a friendly and entertaining guy and is always nice to hear from. I recommend him without reservation."

"I switched my financial planning arrangements to Ranjit of Atwal Financial as my previous advisers had shown little attention to my requirements and providing any on-going servicing. Further, my previous advisers (yes, they changed regularly) and his company had shown a complete lack of due care in setting up my plans to suit my needs and thus were not in my best interests. After working with Ranjit, he has continuously and regularly provided me with excellent service, contemporary and relevant advice and has worked tirelessly to rectify the errors of my previous adviser. I have no hesitation in recommending Ranjit and Atwal Financial. It’s just plain nice and comforting to have the same adviser, get a longer relationship, create a history, and not start from scratch each time. And when the advice then generates noticeable financial benefits, what more could you ask for?"

"3 years after my QROPS portfolio had been set up I had become totally disillusioned with the service being given by my financial advisor - fortunately my Trustee suggested I contact Atwal Financial which I’m glad we did!

Ranjit has managed to find a solution to turn the portfolio round from miserably failing to meet its objectives, losing 5% per year and costing tens of thousands of pounds in high management fees to a forward looking lean picture of decent yields and capital growth - we’ve been working closely together now for 3 months and would strongly recommend anyone to see what he may be able to help you with."

"Ranjit Atwal & Atwal Financial has provided me with a high level of servicing in relation to my investments and has efficiently handled all of my requirements over a number of years."

"Since first meeting Ranjit in 2007 back Tokyo, he has continued to provide me with sound financial advice and has helped me grow my savings portfolio with regular contact and updates. Ranjit has the ability to take what seems complicated and make it easy to comprehend so that I can make the best decision for my investment needs. I would have no problem in recommending Ranjit to my friends and colleagues as I know they will be in safe hands."

"I have known Ranjit for more than 15 years. Ranjit has been providing cost efficient financial advice and helped to construct a well balanced portfolio for me to achieve superior risk return profile. After the maturity of my previous policy in 2018, Ranjit has followed up and advised switching over to a more efficient platform with a broader access of wholesale funds which I wouldn’t otherwise have known about. I will not hesitate to recommend Ranjit for investment advice."

"I have used Atwal Financial as my advisers since 2002 when I was working and living in Tokyo for 18 years as General Manager of the world famous Tokyo Sports Cafe. I have since relocated back to the UK and still receive great service from Ranjit who regularly helps and advises me."

Paul Wagstaff, Tokyo & UK
September 2019

"Atwal Financial has been instrumental in setting up RST Clinics Ltd in India (www.rstclinics.com) and we have secured an on-going relationship to provide business strategy and to fulfill our company administration requirements. Their service is hands-on and personalised, everything we need to focus on our strenghts in relation to our business."

Dr Sagrika Shukla, Periodontist
AIIMS Rishikesh & Director RST Clincis Private Ltd India
July 2019

"I have worked with Atwal Financial since the early 2000’s and Ranjit has worked diligently to report on all matters relating to my financial planning and I have no hesitation to recommend him."

Ramesh Kurunathan, VP Corporate Technology, Tokyo
Morgan Stanley Japan 2000-2006, 2014 - Present, VP, JPMorgan Technology UK
15 April 2019

"I have worked with Ranjit for more than 15 years and have found him to be reliable and knowledgeable about financial planning. He has always provided me with the information I have needed and I have no hesitation in recommending him and Atwal Financial."

Hans Katayama, President
Katapult Translation Corporation, Tokyo
08 April 2019

"I have been working with Ranjit of Atwal Financial for many years... since 2005 when I was at Morgan Stanley Japan. In our first few meetings he has established the trust... & I have always truly relied on him for his (investment) recommendations. He is professional & efficient... always keeps me updated on my financial plans. His India Desk has also offered valuable remote assistance with me dealings in India since I have been US based. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone looking for a financial adviser."

Raja Ghosh,
Morgan Stanley USA, Vice President
September 2018

"I have used Atwal Financial as my advisers since the early 2000's when I was working and living in Tokyo as an Executive Director with Morgan Stanley and still continue to do now that I am in the UK."

Robert MacDermott,
Previously with Morgan Stanley Japan
August 2018

"The India Desk of Atwal Financial advised me about the requirements for a cross-border telegraphic transfer from India to the UK. As I am based in Oslo, it was vitally important that I appointed someone who is knowledgeable in the nuances of NRE and NRO accounts, which belong to my parents. Also relevant was taxation and the different rules depending on the involved parties tax jurisdictions. I appointed The India Desk for remote assistance and they meticulously guided me through the transfer forms as well as collecting all relevant documentation to make the process hassle-free, which was reassuring as I am in Oslo. I have no hesitation in offering this recommendation."

Dr Shelley M Khullar Godtfredsen
FDSRCS MsC. Ph.D/dr.Odont, Specialist in Oral Surgery (UK & Norway)
March 2018

"I have found Atwal Financial to provide an efficient, professional and reliable service. After 4 years receiving their advice and financial guidance I would not hesitate to recommend their services."

Richard McCallum
Managing Director UK India Business Council, New Delhi
November 2017

"I am please to recommend Rajiv (Financial Strategist) and the services of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk. They have put together a hard working, lean and efficient portfolio of funds within my QROPS Trust. My previous adviser had little knowledge about how to handle my overseas pension and I was bounced from one adviser to the next. I am pleased, therefore, that I am now working with advisers who are knowledgeable, experienced and consistent."

Dr Atul Prakash
Senior Consultant Joint Replacement and Reconstructive Surgery, Tata Steel Limited India
September 2017

"I would like to recommend Ranjit Atwal & Rajiv Inamdar of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk who I started working with 18 months ago, they have helped me with growing my overseas pension as well as other cross-border financial planning issues. They have proven to be professional and knowledgeable with matters related to the UK as well as reliable."

Dr Ranjana Sharma
Senior Consultant Apollo Hospitals New Delhi
August 2017

"I am quite happy working with Ranjit Atwal & Rajiv Inamdar of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk, finally I can rely on these advisers to manage my QROPS UK pension transfers. I have no reason not to recommend them to help you."

Dr Preeti Rastogi
Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Fortis Healthcare India
August 2017

"I am happy to refer Ranjit Atwal & Rajiv Inamdar of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk. They have turned around the performance of my QROPS UK pension by reshuffling the funds with a focus on performance which has led to excellent results. They provide me with quarterly updates and have proven to be very professional and focused."

Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj
Chief Arthroscopy Knee & Hip Replacement PSRI Hospital New Delhi
July 2017

"The India Desk act as my advisers for cross-border financial planning and the management of my overseas QROPS Pension arrangements. They have proven to be professional and effective in the services they offer."

Dr Rakesh Jain
Senior Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Fortis Hospital, Gurugram, India
July 2017

"I am very pleased to recommend Ranjit Atwal as a great financial advisor. Ranjit came to me during my 4 years of living in New Delhi and got me into thoughts of managing my finances for the future. He is extremely knowledgeable and punctual person and I am very happy to continue trusting him even now from the USA. Thank you Ranjit for all your professional work. Keep it up!"

David Chmel
Vice President of Operations at BTL Industries Inc. New Delhi
January 2017

"This is from my parents who don’t have Facebook: Ranjit Atwal at the India Desk has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We can highly recommend him, particularly to any UK expats looking for good financial advice."

Chloe Orlando
August 2016

"When my previous consultant, a reputed 'big player' in the financial services market, totally screwed up and turned out to be not the least interested in my concerns, i came to know about Ranjit and requested him to help restructure my portfolio. He did so with great professionalism and expertise and without gaining anything out of the situation. I highly appreciate his help and ongoing consultancy, and i can highly recommend anybody to work with him. Continue your good work, Ranjit."

Martin Fuchs
Former long-term expat to India
August 2016, Via

" To Whome It May Concern:
I hereby recommend Ranjit Atwal as personal financial consultannt. Ranjit contacted me when I was working as the MD for Volvo Cars in India in November 2014. Ranjit came to visit me in my office and with in 2 days, Ranjit had very clearly outlined my financial situation at the time and how it would look like in the coming years. Ranjit has assisted me in understanding the importance of long term financial planning. He is a very honest and always has the customer first interest in hand. Since I have started my long term plan with Ranjit he has constantly come back to me informing me of how my plan is progressing and giving advice of how best to preceed. Future financial planning is a must and Ranjit is the person who can assist you with your personal planning.
Best regards"

Tomas Ernberg
Former MD Volvo Cars India
November 2016, Via